2014-2015 Prospectus 

With some of the world’s leading scholars in the thought of St. Augustine of Hippo, the Collegium Augustinianum is a Christian community of scholars dedicated to a classical and cosmopolitan education.

Collegium Augustinianum
at the Athenaeum
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Collegium Augustinianum Graduate School 

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Founded in 1999, the Collegium Augustinianum is an international research institute and Christian ecumenical graduate school of philosophy and theology. The Collegium Augustinianum is affiliated with the Institut Catholique Supérieur de Philosophie et de Théologie de 



CHRISTIAN, ECUMENICAL AND AUGUSTINIAN.  The Collegium Augustinianum was founded in order to establish an ecumenical community of scholars dedicated to the advancement of the thought of St. Augustine of Hippo and his great Christian tradition of 

"faith seeking understanding.”  As such, the Collegium views Augustine’s writings as a theological vehicle for an authentic ecumenism rooted in the Early Church and Patristic theology. Our community of scholars is also interested in Augustine’s influence throughout 

the ages—on medieval theology, Reformation theology and Contemporary Continental 

philosophy—and most especially on existentialism and phenomenology

CLASSICAL AND COSMOPOLITAN.  The Collegium was founded upon an international 

“College of Fellows”— scholars of the highest caliber, colleagues with a common love for Augustine, whose intellectual life and accomplishments would attract serious students. Thus, 

our college would be founded upon idealism and the idea that the core of a university resides among the fellows and faculty themselves and particularly in the relationship between the student and the teacher.  The Collegium deeply values the importance of the professor’s personal mentoring of the student and his or her critical thinking and writing about those texts that have shaped our world. Further, like the great universities that appeared during the middle ages, our collegium would be cosmopolitan in nature, with professors and students from around the world.  As such, value the importance of ancient and modern languages so that our students 

can analyze texts in the original languages and engage scholars globally.  In fact, our students may write and defend their dissertations in several modern languages, including English, Italian, French, Spanish, German or Dutch. With such an accomplished and internationally-renowned faculty, themselves educated at some of the most prestigious universities in the world like Oxford, Cambridge, Paris, Rome, Louvain and Dublin, our students will have the benefit of a world-class education.  Aside from our regular fellows and faculty, the Collegium also invites distinguished visiting professors from Oxford, Cambridge, Paris, Rome and other prestigious universities to mentor and sit as readers for our doctoral defenses.  

A Christian Ecumenical University

The Collegium Augustinianum Graduate School of Philosophy and Theology is authorized 

to grant degrees in the sacred sciences of philosophy and theology by the authority of 

the Commission for Independent Education of the Florida State Department of Educa-

tion (Statute 1005.06). 

The Collegium Augustinianum and the Graduate Theological Foundation have an agreement 

of mutual recognition of our degrees. Since we are focused on the supervised research 

and writing of theses and dissertations following the European model of higher education, 

U.S. accrediting agencies do not have a mechanism in place for evaluating this traditional 

model of higher education. Further, as with all other universities around the world, the College

of Fellows contends that our degrees carry the credibility of the faculty who are some of the 

leading scholars in the world today. 

Collegium Augustinianum and the Institut d'Etudes Augustiniennes
The Fellows, Faculty and Students of the Collegium Augustinianum, in residence and worldwide, gratefully acknowledge our institutional privileges at the esteemed Institut d'Etudes Augustiniennes of the Institut Catholique de Paris in France, which includes the full use of its library and databases.

 For more information contact us at our toll-free number 1-800-248-1836

          or email us to request a copy of our current prospectus                                                                             at info@augustinianum.us

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